ELEVENSES / by Tim Hopgood

Wednesday again! I haven't been able to get The Coffee Pot song out of my head all week. One line in particular really made me laugh 'I COFFEE POT YOUR HAPPY DISPOSITION'.  


Back in July, I was invited to the National Portrait Gallery to take part in Children's Art Day. The workshop was titled 'Moving Portraits' and was open to anyone over 5. I started the session by showing how you can have fun with faces and expressions just by using cut paper, crayons and an ink splodge!

Everyone then had a go at animating their pictures, by moving the cut out parts of their image by hand under a fixed camera. 

This was thanks to the wonderful help of top animators Elizabeth Hobbs and Wendy Scott who guided us through the stop-frame animation process. The results were fantastic.

We finished the day by showing all the work on a BIG screen in the Gallery's main lecture theatre. Keep your eye out for more FREE family events at the National Portrait Gallery in 2011.