REMEMBER THIS? / by Tim Hopgood

Memory Game, also known as Pelmanism or simply Pairs. I was never a big fan of board games (still not), I didn't like anything that came with a rule book. Waddington's Memory Game (no rule book) was a BIG hit in our house - we never tired of playing it. Everyone had their favourite images - here are some of mine.

I was amazed when years later I bought THE HOUSE OF CARDS designed by Charles and Ray Eames and discovered that it included several of the same images. According to the Eames Office website the images used in the deck of cards are what the Eameses called "good stuff", chosen to celebrate "familiar and nostalgic objects from the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms."

To help us remember the images we used to give them names. We called this card Auntie Joan.

I wonder if anyone knows who she is? And the boy, remember him? We called him Tony, but what's his real name, does anyone know?

There were a couple of images that I didn't like - the strange lantern (v.creepy) and the walnut that looked like a brain!

Digging around on the internet, I discovered that some of the illustrated images for Memory Game were created by the legendary French children's illustrator Alain Gree. Take a look at the official Alain Gree website here.

And then just recently I received an email announcing the launch of PLOC Magazine, a new publication aimed at the under 8s, by the creators of ANORAK - The Happy Mag For Kids. And guess what? This new venture is to be illustrated by Alain Gree. Find out more here.