James Keylon is the guest on tomorrow's BOOKABOO show (ITV1, CiTV 7.25am) and he'll be reading my new book 'Ping and Pong Are Best Friends (mostly)'. I think it's a very interesting choice of guest and no doubt a perfect match for the book. Can't wait to see it! 

I also love the fact that (and I hope James, sorry I mean Mr.Keylon, doesn't mind me saying this) he looks a bit like Ping! You may not have come across the name James Keylon before now, especially if you live in the U.K. So who is he? James Keylon is an award-winning stage director, script writer, clown, mime artist and actor.He’s also a registered pharmacist who gave it all up to join the circus. But not just any circus... the CIRQUE DU SOLEIL! I’m sure he could teach Ping and EVEN Pong a trick or two!