GET GROWING! / by Tim Hopgood

My new book BIG! is inspired by memories of growing taller as a child. You know the sort of thing: like the first time you spot yourself in the bathroom mirror without having to stand on a stool or a chair and it’s not because someone’s been going round the house lowering mirrors and light-switches. YOU'VE GROWN! And when you’re small, suddenly growing 2cm can completely change your view of the world: things that were once out of sight are now in full view, like the biscuit tin. 

BIG! is about finding your place in the world. You may be the smallest in your family, you may be the smallest in your school, but compared with an ant you’re a GINORMOUS giant! And who knows, if you keep on growing you may end up taller than your mum or imagine that! 

BIG! is a celebration of all things that grow. There’s nothing quite as fascinating for a child as planting a small seed and watching it grow up, Up UP! And if that seed just happens to be a sunflower seed, the transformation can be truly astonishing.